About Schaefer Marine

For over 45 years, Schaefer Marine has led the way in innovative and reliable sailboat and marine hardware. We pride ourselves on having the toughest gear on the water that will always stand up to the rigors of the marine environment.

During the past few months we have had several exciting developments at Schaefer. This spring, the schooner “Athos” sailed with her custom mast tracks developed and manufactured by Schaefer Marine developed through the performance of our in-boom furling systems. This incredible yacht has passed its sailing trials with flying colors and is due to sail the waters of the Mediterranean this summer. Look for more updates as we keep tabs on Athos. We have just introduced an 8” Carbon Fiber Lock in winch handle.
This handle weighs ½ pound! These will be available through our dealers and save a bit more weight for those of you looking for every advantage.

Schaefer furlers have long been respected as the finest furlers on the market and that reputation continues intact. Our Boom Furling systems have made sailing easier for sailors around the world. Several hundred systems on the water have proven to be strong and easy to use. We continue to advance our hardware and block line. Did you know we X-Ray every investment cast piece of hardware to enter our shop? This is the “extra” step we go to ensuring your safety. In addition, our finishing process including the use of walnut shells enhances the final appearance of our hardware enhancing the look of your yacht.
In January of 2011, Schaefer Marine became the US Distributor for Sea-Sure products and Hawke Marine products both from the United Kingdom.

We will use our extensive dealer network to get these exciting products into your hands as quickly as possible. For more information on their products go to: http://www.sea-sure.co.uk, http://www.hawkmarineproducts.com.

As the social media revolution continues, look for us on Facebook for updates on new products and events. As always, let us know what we can do to make your sailing experience more fun!